Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center

A secret attraction that has been delighting families and thrill-seekers for many years is located right in the center of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. A cherished neighborhood landmark, the Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center provides visitors of all ages with a unique experience. This entertainment complex has established itself as a beloved place for enjoyment and family time thanks to its rich history, commitment to the local community, and variety of activities.

A Quick Histories

When the Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center first opened its doors in 1972, the neighborhood of Cherry Hill rapidly adopted it as a mainstay. When it first opened, its main purpose was to serve as a roller skating rink for the disco-loving generation of the 1970s. Nevertheless, it has developed into a varied entertainment centre over time, adjusting to shifting fashions and tastes while holding true to its essential principles of family-friendly entertainment.

skating spectacular

Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center’s roller skating rink is still a popular destination. It provides the ideal backdrop for a roller skating feast with its roomy oak floor, colorful lighting, and powerful sound system. The rink offers a secure and thrilling setting where you may glide, twirl, and spin to your heart’s content whether you are an experienced skater or a beginner.

Themed nights are one of this rink’s distinctive attractions. There’s always something fascinating occurring at Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center, from throwback disco nights to neon-themed events. The enchantment of bygone times are brought to the younger generation through these themed nights, which transport guests back in time.

Family entertainment and fun

Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center goes above and beyond to make sure that every guest has a wonderful experience, even though roller skating is the major draw. Families and children of all ages frequently congregate in the arcade area. The walls are lined with vintage and contemporary games that offer hours of fun and friendly rivalry. There is something for everyone, whether it is competing with friends in the newest driving games or trying to beat the high score on the vintage pinball machines.

The center provides a soft play area for smaller children in addition to skating and the arcade. Little ones can safely burn off energy in this area as parents can relax and observe. It’s a great alternative for playdates and birthday parties.

Birthday Bash Management

In relation to birthday celebrations, Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center is known as one of the top locations in the region. They provide a number of party packages that range from pizza and ice cream to entry and skate rentals. Parents can unwind and take pleasure in the celebration because the committed party hosts make sure that every detail is taken care of.

Community Participation

Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center’s steadfast dedication to the neighborhood is what actually sets it different. They have supported innumerable charity campaigns, school activities, and fundraisers throughout the years. They reinforce their position as a pillar of the Cherry Hill community by actively supporting neighborhood institutions of higher learning and nonprofits.

Only-Adults Nights

It’s not simply for kids and families to use Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center. They also understand how crucial it is to give people a place to unwind and enjoy themselves. Adults can relive their skate experiences or try something new in a laid-back, child-free environment on a regular basis on adult-only nights. It’s the ideal approach to spend a memorable date night or a good time with friends.


More than just a roller skating rink, Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center is a beloved institution that has endured the test of time by consistently adjusting to the changing needs and interests of its community. Cherry Hill Skating & Fun Center has everything you need for a fun family outing, a nostalgic roller skating adventure, or a venue to commemorate an important event. With a focus on family, community, and fun, it’s no surprise that Cherry Hill, New Jersey locals and tourists continue to flock to this establishment. So lace up your skates, round up your loved ones, and head over to Cherry Hill Skating & joy Center for a day of pure, unadulterated joy.

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