Merchantville Country Club

The Merchantville Country Club, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, stands as a tribute to time-honored history and contemporary grandeur. For more than a century, golf fans, social gatherings, and private parties have flocked to this exclusive club, which was founded in 1901. Merchantville Country Club is still a gem in the center of Cherry Hill thanks to its lengthy history, lovely setting, and dedication to quality.

A Known Past

The origins of Merchantville Country Club can be traced to the turn of the 20th century, when a group of golf enthusiasts gathered to create a location where they could indulge their passion for the game. The club has developed over the years while holding onto its storied appeal and traditions.

The outstanding golf course at the club is one of its historical attractions. The course, which was created by famous architect Alexander H. Findlay, has withstood the test of time and continues to be difficult and pleasant for players of all skill levels. A round of golf here feels like a trip back in time thanks to the immaculate fairways and greens that are surrounded by old trees and rolling hills.

A Paradise For Golfers

The 18-hole championship course at Merchantville Country Club is a golfer’s dream and has played host to a number of illustrious competitions and events over the years. This course offers a challenge that’s as rewarding as it is gorgeous, whether you’re a scratch golfer or just starting to learn the game.

The club has a modern pro shop where golfers may discover the newest gear, clothing, and accessories. The local golf pros are available for lessons and advice to help golfers get better.

Family-focused Ambience

The Merchantville Country Club is more than just a golf course, even if golf is at its core. It’s a location where families assemble to make enduring memories. The club provides a variety of activities and events geared toward families, such as swimming in the pool, tennis matches on immaculate courts, and casual dining in a warm clubhouse.

The pool area is particularly well-liked in the summer since it offers members and their families a cool haven. The club’s swim squad has a successful past and is a great option for young swimmers wishing to advance their abilities.

Dining out and events

The Merchantville Country Club is a prominent location for special events and fine dining in addition to being a sports and entertainment facility. The clubhouse is the ideal location for weddings, anniversaries, business gatherings, and other big occasions since it emanates elegance and sophistication.

The club’s culinary team takes great delight in creating mouthwatering cuisine, from traditional favorites to avant-garde creations. The club’s dining experience is sure to make an impact, whether you’re throwing a large gala or taking in a romantic supper for two.

Community Participation

The Merchantville Country Club is devoted to supporting the neighborhood. The club has participated in numerous philanthropic activities over the course of its lengthy existence, supporting regional causes and organizations. The club’s dedication to the community has won over locals in Cherry Hill and strengthened its reputation as a pillar of the neighborhood.

Currently, Merchantville

Even though Merchantville Country Club values its illustrious past, it also understands how critical it is to remain relevant in today’s world. To give members the best of both worlds—tradition and modernity—the club has made considerable expenditures in modernizing its amenities, including the golf course, clubhouse, and pool area.


In Cherry Hill, New Jersey’s Merchantville Country Club, heritage and contemporary elegance coexist peacefully. With its storied golf course, kid-friendly features, upscale cuisine, and dedication to the neighborhood, it has grown to be an essential component of Cherry Hill’s social fabric. Merchantville Country Club continues to provide an unrivaled experience for golf lovers, families, and anybody wanting a touch of class and timeless charm. This renowned organization welcomes everyone who values the fusion of tradition and modernity that characterizes its distinctive character, regardless of whether you’ve been a member all your life or are thinking about joining.

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