Woodcrest Country Club

A beloved establishment that has served as a cornerstone of elegance, recreation, and community for almost a century is located in the center of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The Woodcrest Country Club, established in 1929, is a tribute to time-honored customs, unmatched excellence, and a persistent dedication to giving its members an unrivaled experience. We’ll explore what makes Cherry Hill’s Woodcrest Country Club special and well-liked in this post.

A Lengthy History

The Roaring Twenties saw the possibility for the development of a famous country club in Cherry Hill, and that is where the tale of Woodcrest Country Club began. When the club formally opened its doors in 1929, their wish came true. Since that time, Woodcrest has been a beloved local landmark, drawing many generations of families and golf aficionados.

An Outstanding Golfing Experience

A precisely planned 18-hole championship golf course that has won praise for its difficult layout and immaculate conditions is located at the center of Woodcrest Country Club. The Woodcrest course was created by the legendary William S. Flynn, who also worked on illustrious layouts like Shinnecock Hills and Cherry Hills. Flynn is known for his trademark design concept, which masterfully incorporates the surrounding natural environment into the playing experience.

Golfers of all skill levels may enjoy a demanding but enjoyable round thanks to the lush fairways, well-kept greens, and strategically positioned bunkers. For many members, a day at Woodcrest is synonymous with a day spent practicing their golf swing, meeting other players, and taking in the tranquility of the lovely surroundings.

Family-focused Features

While there’s no denying that golf is the main attraction at Woodcrest, the club also has a variety of family-friendly features. The community’s focus on families has been a key factor in Woodcrest’s success and ongoing appeal.

The club has a lovely swimming pool area that is ideal for summertime relaxation and water fun. While families assemble poolside to enjoy the sun and make cherished memories, kids can participate in swimming lessons.

Tennis aficionados can play on Woodcrest Country Club’s well-kept courts in friendly competitions or receive instruction from qualified tennis pros. There are also tennis programs and competitions that may accommodate players of all ability levels.

Upscale Dining and Social Interactions

The dedication of Woodcrest Country Club to offering members first-rate dining experiences is one of its defining characteristics. The clubhouse emanates a sense of refinement, making it the perfect location for both formal and informal meetings.

The Woodcrest culinary team constantly produces exceptional dishes, from mouthwatering steaks and seafood to avant-garde gourmet concoctions. The breathtaking views of the golf course provide members and visitors with a setting that enriches any dining experience as they enjoy their meals.

Woodcrest offers a lively social environment in addition to formal dining. The club conducts a range of activities all year round, such as themed parties, wine tastings, and holiday gatherings. These gatherings offer members chances to interact, mingle, and create enduring friendships.

Charity and Community Engagement

Woodcrest Country Club is a neighborhood within a community rather than only a venue for relaxation. The club actively participates in philanthropic activities and charitable events because it takes its position in Cherry Hill seriously. Members of Woodcrest frequently participate in volunteer work and fundraisers to give back to the neighborhood.

Unparalleled Events and Weddings

Woodcrest Country Club is a well-liked location for weddings, receptions, and special events for people wishing to commemorate life’s milestones in a genuinely magnificent environment. The club offers a wedding experience unlike any other thanks to its thorough event planning staff and gorgeous rolling greens as a background.

Woodcrest has developed a reputation for presenting flawless and outstanding events, from outdoor ceremonies on the beautifully landscaped grounds to inside receptions in the great ballroom. The club’s unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that weddings and other special occasions held there are nothing less than outstanding.


In Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the Woodcrest Country Club epitomizes enduring heritage, excellence, and community. It has given members and visitors a refuge for entertainment, great cuisine, and social interaction for almost a century. Whether it’s a day spent playing championship golf, a family get-together by the pool, or a sophisticated evening in the clubhouse, Woodcrest Country Club constantly exceeds expectations.

Woodcrest continues to be a beloved location in Cherry Hill as it changes and adapts to the members’ shifting needs and preferences. It’s not only a location to play golf or eat; it’s also a place where people make memories, uphold traditions, and foster a sense of community. The Woodcrest Country Club is a tribute to the allure of time-honored history, excellence, and the seemingly limitless opportunities that lie within its warm gates.

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